Cinematic film look
15 steps to make Cinematic video footage and get that Film Look
  One of the most asked questions by beginners is: how to shoot cinematic video with a DSLR or a
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Best settings for the Autel Robotics X-Star
  We acquired the Autel X-Star recently and before we take it out for a project we want to make
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8 bits vs 10 bits vs 12 bits footage
  So, pretty much everyone knows the theory behind 8 bits, 10 bits and 12 bits RAW footage, but what
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Game of thrones grade
How to color grade like Game of Thrones
  In this article, we will learn how to emulate a look from HBO’s Game of Thrones. First, the show
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How to work with LUTs
  This article will show you how to apply and work with LUTs in Premiere Pro CC. It’s my go
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How to read a histogram, vectorscope and other color correcting tools.
In this article, you will learn how to read a histogram, RGB Parade, waveform monitor, and vectorscope. If you are
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Light Diffusion Ideas with Household Items
It probably happened to you, you are on set and your light kit doesn’t have any diffusion panels or soft
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Exposure Triangle Thumbnail
The Exposure Triangle and Exposure Cheat Sheet
Here are the exposure triangle and exposure cheat sheet. Now, go out and film!
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Cheap nd filter thumbnail
Are Cheap ND Filters Worthless and How To Correct Their Color Cast?
Recently I've bought a Sony a6300 to replace my Sony A7s. Unfortunately for me, I sold my Vizilex ND Throttle
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