Sharpening Halo Artifacts
https://youtu.be/pSe7Sozv7SQ   Get the preset here: Dering After Effects Preset Everything in this tutorial will be done in After Effects
Title Supers Premiere Pro
https://youtu.be/wXXmy3hNyOo What I will be doing today is jazzing up this documentary of a court case which is on a
Color Match S log and C log
https://youtu.be/eSNAGCAKTkI   Matching colors in premiere pro is quite a complex one for lots of people but this video will
Cinematic film look
https://youtu.be/eV_1GxKEL9I   One of the most asked questions by beginners is: how to shoot cinematic video with a DSLR or
https://youtu.be/tpmtAeahAXg   We acquired the Autel X-Star recently and before we take it out for a project we want to
https://youtu.be/PYC1J2Ztdc4   So, pretty much everyone knows the theory behind 8 bits, 10 bits and 12 bits RAW footage, but
Game of thrones grade
https://youtu.be/16hA6rtofng   In this article, we will learn how to emulate a look from HBO’s Game of Thrones. First, the
https://youtu.be/NBwK4It78AA   This article will show you how to apply and work with LUTs in Premiere Pro CC. It's my
https://youtu.be/xTwiTu9XmE8 In this article, you will learn how to read a histogram, RGB Parade, waveform monitor, and vectorscope. If you