CINEMARTIN LoyalLT S4k 7″ Monitor Review and Features Exploration

Here’s our CINEMARTIN LoyalLT S4K video review!
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In the early January, the company CINEMARTIN announced a very affordable 7″ monitor, capable of delivering 1080p signal output while accepting up to 4K input. Very nice indeed! The best part? They announced it at 99$!

So, while the specs looked good, it was probably too good to be true! But no, the monitor actually delivers what they announced! Even with the added shipping fees (between 29€ and 69€ depending on your location), it was still an affordable solution!

So if we take a closer look to the monitor!

The form factor is great. Housing is plastic, not aluminum, but from what I’ve tested, unless you plan to shoot like Micheal Bay, it should last for a while if you take care of your gear. The little LED remains RED when the monitor is powered, but set to off. The LED turns GREEN when it’s on, and turns YELLOW when there’s no input.

As you can see, the improvement of having a 1080p screen over the camera’s LCD is huge! The tiny 3.5″ screen of the Canon C100 MkI is, to start with, definitively not the best for focusing. It’s a very nice upgrade to add that CINEMARTIN screen to the rig. The image is crisp and sharp, you can really see where the focus is even without the focus peaking option. All that, even if the C100 only outputs a 1080i signal.

There’s the standard 1/4-20 thread mounting points, on top and bottom.

So, you can use a magic arm or even a standard cold shoe adapter to mount it on top of the camera, or pretty much anywhere else with a small magic arm.


You can use those magic arms, whether it’s an LCD screen, a portable recorder or like in this case, the RØDE Linkwireless receiver pack:

Next, the menu and other buttons to access features on the screen.

The Menu is, in fact, a jog wheel that you can press to access the menu. From there, you simply use the jog wheel to navigate through the menu, pressing the jog wheel again to access the feature, turn it on or off. There are three buttons that can be used as shortcuts for features of your choice. I’ve set my three favorites as:
F1: P2P (Pixel to Pixel)
F2: Focus Assist
F3: Marker Types

The monitor can be powered with a battery plate, supplied only with the “Shooters Kit”, or directly via the DC7-24V jack. You will notice that if you plan to purchase a separate battery plate online, you’ll have to either get one that works specifically with the Feelworld F7 monitor, or have to DIY the wires to work on it.

Also, make sure not to get a “standard” 75mm VESA plate, as it won’t fit on the monitor. Here are the dimensions you need to look into:

As I’ve purchased the standard monitor (not the “Shooters Kit”), I’m using the 7-24V jack with a 12v battery to power it. You have to carry the external battery or use a DC adapter, but it’s lighter to have only the monitor on either the cold shot or the magic arm.

Then, you have the headphone jack, so you can monitor your audio directly from there if you don’t have that option on your camera (Like when using a DSLR). Never used it as I had the jack on my cameras, but always nice to have it, especially if you want to review your shots, so you don’t rely on the speaker on the back.

Another great feature is the HDMI loop; HDMI in and HDMI out. So you can feed the monitor from your camera, and then feed an external recorder like an ATOMOS NINJAdirectly from the monitor, or the other way around since these recorders have the same feature!


That’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed this deep walkthrough, hope it’s been informative and answered some of your questions! Feel free to post questions or comments below, like the Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video and articles!


2017-06-15 UPDATE!

As it’s been asked in the comments on the Youtube video, here’s the difference between the Sony battery plate that fits the monitor, and a “standard” 75mm Vesa one:

Here is to the one we purchased for the Cinemartin monitor!

You can always check , if you don’t have Sony batteries!

Hope it helps you guys!

3 thoughts on “CINEMARTIN LoyalLT S4k 7″ Monitor Review and Features Exploration

  • April 18, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Thanks for the review; I understand it’s a rebranded Feelworld F7, which goes as low as 200 EUR on Amazon, so any idea how they managed to cut the prize by factor two? Also, do you know if this product actually ships – the Cinemartin website goes to 404 when trying to buy the thing. A last question – as I will be using this in a video installation – does the box remember its settings? The video review seems to imply that you have to switch on 1:1 pixels every times you boot the device. For me it would be important to know if I can adjust all settings once, and then during an exhibition, staff only needs to power the machine and nothing else. Does the device actually turn on when you attach power, or does it go to standby? Thanks!

    • April 18, 2017 at 3:35 pm

      Hi there!

      This monitor is indeed a rebranded Feelworld F7, they may have received a bulk deal from their distributor to be able to sell it for that price.

      This product should ship, we’ve just looked at: and it appears it is still shipping but not for long, according to their site the production of this monitor will cease in 2 weeks. Give them a shout at, I am sure they will help you out!

      For the 1:1 pixels scan, it depend on the camera. When we tried it with the Canon XF, it would remember the setting, but with the C100 it would reset every time.
      But the monitor allows you to setup custom shortcuts with the F-buttons, so you could easily switch in 1:1 without going through the menu.

      Hope this help!


      • April 18, 2017 at 3:39 pm

        Thanks a bunch! It turns out if was only a display error in Firefox, I’m seeing that message now on their website in Chrome. Also seems that you have to buy the slightly extended kit which is 160 EUR plus VAT (21% in Austria), so that comes to just under 200 EUR which is the same as getting the Feelworld on Amazon, so there we go 😉


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