Fotga DP500 mkIII Follow Focus Review

Here’s our Fotga DP500 mkIII Follow Focus review!

You probably asked yourself at least once, do I need a follow focus? I went there, and finally bought one of those cheap models:

While they aren’t bad at all, they have a couple flaws as well. So, I used this follow focus for a certain while, but eventually had to face the truth, I needed to upgrade it.
Now, what model should you choose if this one isn’t good enough? The range starts at 50$ and goes up to 1,000$+ for one like the SHAPE Follow Focus Pro:

The DP500 mkIII is a 200$ follow focus and it’s probably the best in that price range:

The gear box on this model has no play at all, it’s stiff and precise. Just for that feature alone, it worth the price you pay for the unit! Then, the dampening screw under the gear box, allowing you to add some restriction on the wheel by tightening it, or the opposite is a nice feature. Having some restriction on the wheel while you pull the focus allow you to do some precise focus pulling, and this can be avoids you to re-shoot some takes because you missed the focus.
Then, the fact that it’s a clip-on bracket that simply snaps onto the rails avoids you to remove accessories on the rails in order to install the follow focus. You don’t need to remove the MatteBox, you simply clip the bracket on the rails, adjust to the lens and you’re good to go.

So, just for those three features, the 200$ price tag is totally worth it. These features will save you enough time to re-pay the unit within a couple of shoot.

Definitively one of the best find recently. It’s surprisingly cheap for all the feature and quality it can bring. I only got the basic model, which comes with minimal accessories, but you can add an extension rocker for the gear, a 15mm to 19mm bracket adapter and more.
Fotga is definitively a brand to keep in mind as they are now offering quality products at a very affordable price. Even in their Pro line, the JTZ products.

Thanks for reading! For more details, check out our video at the top!

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