The $20 DIY Teleprompter

Here at The Video Pro Guys, we were tired of losing time and taking 1,000 takes for our videos, so we’ve decided to build a professional looking foldable teleprompter for $20.

Part list:

1 x 8″x10″ Picture Frame
1 x sheet of felt
1 x 3/8″ thread insert
2 x 4″ mending plates
2 x #8×1″ screws
2 x #4×1/2″ screws
1 x set of 1.25″ hinges
3′ of self-stick velcro
20 x 30 black foam sheet
Plywood the same size than your picture frame (We have settled for melamine in the video)

Watch the video and follow along.

2 thoughts on “The $20 DIY Teleprompter

  • In much the same way, tablets such as the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab have allowed budget conscious video pros more accessible options, up to and including building a teleprompter to house a tablet from scratch.

  • Learn how to create your own video teleprompter in these great video tutorials.


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